Margot’s Tattoo

We’ve complied a list of possible tattoos Australian Actress Margot Robbie may have got on her foot last week. The bubbly Australian did well as she bit her knuckle and watched the tattooist work away, only after she had inked her own guinea pig! Words: Family Wolf Pack Blondes really do have more fun Leo4Eva […]

Margot, Ms Liberty

Margot Robbie got up to more than just sight seeing when she was in New York, donning a Statue of Liberty hat and what appears to be a sandwich on her face! We can’t help but notice her I love NY jumper. It seems this Aussie star has a lot of love for the Big […]

Margot’s workout routine

Working on Z for Zachariah in New Zealand’s Port Levy has given Margot a taste of home; being outdoors all day, and roughing it as she plays 16 year old survivor of a nuclear attack (set in the US). Her running, ice hokey, and surfing fitness routines have been shaken up by lifting heavy rocks, […]

Henry Aitken, Margots new man? .. (Maybe!)

Henry Aitken’s… Margot’s new man? (Maybe!) What we know: He’s in the film industry He’s the son of a New Zealand Farmer. He has great taste in sunnies (check the ray-bans) He lives in Auckland Studied at the New Zealand Film and Television School Art director for multimedia production company Sakowski Studios Has worked on […]