Do blondes have more fun?

Margot spoke to ITN news about her upcoming movie roles, changing her hair, and answers the age old question, ‘Do blondes really have more fun?’  Via the Daily Mail.. On Tarzan, Margot said, ‘We start in a couple of months. I got the script, loved it, met with David Yates, the director, I loved his […]

Margot, the humble one

Margot Robbie wins the Hameson Empire Award for bees newcomer actress in London wearing a red Paper London Jumpsuit, for her role in The Wolf Of Wall Street. She may have been lost for words when she received her Jameson Empire Award for best newcomer actress, but Margot can outshine a room full of Hollywoods elite […]

Margot’s Secret

What’s Margot’s beauty secret? we’re lusting over her always perfect complexion with a fresh face glow – even after a long haul flight. It could be her time spent growing up on the Gold Coast beaches; sun kissed skin, bare skin & beach hair comes naturally to this hollywood starlet whose beauty shines through effortlessly. […]

Margot Robbie: Vanity Fairs Opener

See Australian Actress Margot Robbie as she shines in Vanity Fairs Opener. This 1.30min video shows behind the scenes with Margot as her effortless beauty is captured by photographer Miguel Reveriego and styled by Jessica Diehl, here she talks briefly about her love for New York. Margot Robbie started her career in Australian television series […]